Apropos of Nothing: Practice

Practice, so it’s said, is the road to success in any meaningful endeavor. It’s not advice I can argue with.

Personally, that was the ongoing path to mastery for my photography and is proving to be the same for fiction writing and my voice-work. While I’m finishing up the last of the audiobook projects I’ve had on my plate, I’m extending the practice and making use of everything I’ve learned, making note of everything that will take me further on the path of mastery.

This is where personal projects come to the fore. The personal project is an opportunity to refine skills, develop strengths, and to play with new ideas and techniques. In photography this means shooting every day, for writing it means words on the page (or screen) every day, and for narration it means to be recording every day.

Yes, that is a lot to have on one’s plate. But work you are passionate about should be a joy. For me currently that is what all this is; a joy.

I’m focusing my narration on shorter pieces, some of my own work but also public domain classics with short chapters that I can record and edit in an hour or two a day. Right now that is the Wonderful Wizard of OZ by L. Frank Baum and White Fang by Jack London.

In all this took me a little over an hour plus to record and edit, which is going gangbusters! Also about another fifteen minutes to create cover art to embed in the MP3 using open clip art and inkscape (everything created on a Linux system using open source software).

White Fang

Today was a good productive day that saw another few steps on the road of progress. How was your day?


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