A Year Later…

It’s been a year since I’ve updated this blog and that is truly unfortunate. I can only offer explanation of the absence by saying I have not been idle. I’ve been engaged in many activities; writing, photography, and more recently audiobook (or audio book, if your prefer) production.

The most current project I’m producing is an audio book for University Press Audiobooks, Black Eden: The Idlewild Community. It’s a fascinating and insightful academic work about the formation of a resort community in Michigan that offset the institutionalized racism and segregation that was widespread in America at the time.

In between I’m creating audio productions of some of my own works, expecting to simultaneously publish to Kindle and Audible in the near future.

I posted a rough drafting of a short story titled Merry Christmas Mrs Robinson to this blog last year which has been finessed, and which I’ve produced an audio version of. I’m making it available here.

I promise not to take another year before posting an update too. Honest.

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