Do What You Can…

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

~Theodore Roosevelt

Mobile Writing

Mobile Writing

With six days in on NaNoWriMo the greatest obstacle to completing the feat of writing a novel in thirty days has already reared its mishapped head: time. Time is the enemy if not the mind-killer (that is the writer’s other obstacle). Between other work and the small responsibilities of day-to-day life it is difficult to carve out the precious moments to get even 100 words down on paper or screen, much less something in the area of 1,700.

One method I have been adopting is to take control of those little moments that we overlook in a day, like waiting in  lines or for other people who don’t realize how precious our time is.

Carrying a small pad and pen with you is effortless and will enable you to jot down a word or ten in stolen moments through the day. Technology makes it even easier with greater portability. No matter your “mobile device” there is likely an app in its ecosystem that can make it easy enough to turn an idle moment into a writing moment.

I remind myself of this in order to say publicly that I have NO excuses. Write on!

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