Brief Flashes #1

I have decided that in addition to shorter, complete fiction I am also going to post some of the random short writing inspired by sudden ideas I get. These are not complete in and of themselves but they might someday be full-fledged stories or part of other works. They are presented raw and unedited and for now they are just brief flashes of inspiration.

Carolyn hated this. Robert loved it and she could feel him beside her, heat coming off him in waves in excitement. Her hate deepened, blossomed raw and red and beautiful like a flower. She cultivated it. Robert she hated for his excitement and for putting her in this situation and she hated also the cool, efficient Controller who was giving the usual speech before transit.

“You may experience a sensation of vertigo, a mild dizziness as your vision adjusts.” Controllers were often female and this one sounded young and confident. Probably pretty too but Carolyn refused to open her eyes to confirm it. “This is normal for the transit-shift and temporary. Medical personal will be present at Endpoint Station should you feel that –“

Carolyn closed her eyes tight enough to form tears in the outer corners and distracted herself with her inner voice, blocking out the controller. Vertigo? How about Molecular Cohesion Loss? Teleport Drift, they called it.
When the electromagnetic buffering arrays faltered, hiccupped, or whatever and you lost yourself literally with your protons and electrons flying away in a spectacular release of light and electromagnetic radiation. Could the medical staff help with that?

“Here we go!” Robert whispered.

A sensation spread across her skin like being caressed by a feather or a hesitant lover and Carolyn shuddered in revulsion. This was how it felt to become incoherent, to be unmoored from the sureness of being and reduced to a potentiality.

Carolyn hated this.

© Desmond Manny 2012

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