Fiction matters. Genre fiction matters, no matter what anyone tells you. Genre fiction is the backbone of literature and I do my best to contribute in some small way with my own work.

As a reader you will find some of my work arranged in

If you decide to stick around you’ll find that there are currently three main branches that my fiction runs to.


Science-fiction: The narrative is informed by actual and speculative technology; aliens, genetic engineering, space/time travel. Like all the best narratives should, I try to ensure that character and emotion are evident just as much as whiz-bang space battles and bleak techno-dystopias.

fantasynoirFantasy Noir – The ever-popular mix of magic, mystery, and hard-boiled drama. Dames & Demons. These stories are closer in their pedigree to Chandler and Spillane than anything. Magic and the fantastic weave through the world, but the foundation is pure noir.


Fantasy -Urban and medieval settings, swords and sorcery, and the occasional roguish heroine.